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  • Gas Cards for the Foster Families sponsored by Lutheran Services of GA
  • Living Grace at Lutheranch on "God's Work, Our Hands" Sunday, 10 September
  • Pastor Hardy blessing the quilts prior to being shipped by Lutheran World Relief
  • Finished quilt ready to go to Lutheran World Relief to be shipped
  • Finished quilt ready to go to Lutheran World Relief to be shipped
  • Come join the fun and walk away the pounds with us every other Friday at 9:30 a.m.
  • I could do this all day!
  • Walking away the pounds is FUN!!
  • Pastor Hardy greeting his congregation on Sunday, 16 July
  • Pastor Hardy greeting his congregation on Sunday, 16 July
  • Pastor Hardy greeting his congregation on Sunday, 16 July
  • Pastor Hardy greeting visitors/guests on Sunday, 16 July
  • Pastor Hardy greeting visitors/guests on Sunday, 16 July
  • Reception for Pastor Hardy
  • Reception for Pastor Hardy
  • Pastor Hardy 45 years of ministry
  • Pastor Hardy and family at reception on Sunday, 16 July
  • Kate Herndon presenting Living Grace with a plaque representing our 5th Ark donated to Heifer International since 2006
  • Popcorn anyone??? Offered during the showing of "Lutherland" prior to lunch
  • Sew 'N' Sews women - in memory of one of the faithful, Viola Main, seated in middle
  • Sew 'N' Sews women - Sew Layettes for DeKalb County
  • Sew 'N' Sews women - Sewing Layettes for DeKalb County
  • Living Grace Volunteers at MedShare
  • New Communications Ministry - Get information out to the congregation and community
  • Martin Luther returning on 29 October 2017 - Reformation Sunday





        REFORMATION 500

  Martin Luther


Reformation Sunday

29 October 2017

9:30 a.m. service only with Holy Communion

Atlanta Trombone Ensemble will join us in the worship service


"[Christ] is everywhere, but he does not wish that you grope for him everywhere.  Grope rather where the Word is, and there you will lay hold of him the right way."

----Martin Luther

“If, unfortunately, there are things in Rome which cannot be improved, there is not---nor can there be!---any reason for tearing oneself away from the church schism,.  Rather, the worse things become, the more one should help her and stand by her, for by schism and contempt nothing can be mended.”

----Martin Luther

“The church needs a reformation which is not the work of man, namely the pope, or of many men, namely the cardinals, both of which the most recent council has demonstrated, but it is the work of the whole world, indeed it is the work of God alone.  However, only God who has created time knows the time for this reformation.”

----Martin Luther

Reformation Figures

Hans Tausen (1494 – 1561)

Known as “the Danish Luther,” Tausen was a monk who studied under Luther before leading the Reformation in Denmark.  Following the Reformation’s success, he was appointed bishop of Ribe.

Things You May Not Know About Luther

Even though Luther did not always mind that people called his followers “Lutherans,” he preferred to think of all believers as “Christians.”  In German-speaking areas, the usual designations is “evangelisch”------that is, people oriented toward the gospel.

Things you may not know about the Reformation

Recent research and surveys reveal that about one-third of mainstream Protestants believe eternal life depends on our actions and living a good life, despite the biblical understanding and teachings of the reformers that salvation is a gift from God received through faith in Christ, through no effort of our own.

Things Luther taught that you may not know

We sin in everything we do because everything we do is inspired by selfishness (Luther calls this “concupiscence”).  The best we can do is sin bravely-----confess we are sinning in all we do and yet seek to do God’s will anyway (LW, Vol. 48).

Reformation Hymns

“The Church of Christ, in Every Age” (ELW 729).  Fred Pratt Green’s text reminds us that the Reformation wasn’t just confined to 1517:  “The church of Christ, in every age beset by change, but Spirit-led, must claim and test its heritage and keep on rising from the dead.”

“Holy God, Holy and Glorious” (ELW 637).  For hymn writer Briehl, these stanzas sing Luther’s theology of the cross.  “God’s glory and majesty are hidden under their opposites,” she wrote” power is emptied, beauty is despised and rejected, living is shown in dying.

(information from the Living Lutheran Magazine)































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Walk Away the Pounds

Come join the fun and walk away the pounds here at Living Grace.  We meet every other Friday morning, at 9:30 a.m.   We walk away the pounds with a fun DVD.  No cost is involved.  Just come with your comfortable walking clothes and shoes.  For the month of October, we will meet on 6 and 20 October.

Celebrating the Reformation 500

Living Grace will be celebrating the Reformation 500 on Sunday, 29 October.  We will have ONE SERVICE at 9:30 a.m.,  We will be hosting the Atlanta Trombone Ensemble.  They will be playing the prelude and postlude and accompanying our organist on the hymns.  After the service, "Martin Luther" will revisit us.  He was at Living Grace last year to "kick-off" the Reformation 500.  He is returning to talk with us again.  After the visit, we will have lunch with Luther.

Quilting for Lutheran World Relief

The Quilting Group makes quilts to be shipped to third world countries.  Once a year, Lutheran World Relief will pick up the quilts that were made during the course of the year.  You are welcome to come and help with the quilts.  If you don't know how to quilt, the ladies will teach you.  They quilt on Thursdays, 9 am to 1 pm. , except for the second Thursday of each month.