January 2019   
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Community Garden

No place for a garden in your yard?

You have trees but no sun?

Yard full of hard Georgia clay?

Need gardening help?

Want to gardne with other avid gardeners?

Looking for gardening friends that speak about plants, compost and fertilizer like others talk about sitcoms?

Then.....WE are the place and the pople for you.  Come and gardne with us? 

6' x 6' plot size - 1 year contracts - $50.00  which feature raised bed plots, drip irrigation, full sun, and good parking.

Important information:  These plots are in a full sun situation so graound coverage plants to retain water are vital to your garden's health.  Good choices are....

cucumbers, sweet potato, mint, oregano, basil, thyme, strawberries

Water is provided 1 Junt to 1 September but it may not be enough for your plants so checking on your garden daily or weekly is also vital.  Water may be brought from home to supplement.

This garden is in the back of Living Grace Lutheran Church, 1812 Coolege, Road, Tucker.  For more infomation, contact Dot Beaver at 678-283-2420.